4DX has the following special effects. Enjoy it after confirming the precautions.

● For safety reasons, children under 100 cm in height are not allowed to use 4DX.
Children under 120 cm in height must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

● Women who are or may be pregnant, individuals who use a wheelchair, elderly individuals, individuals who have physical disorders, individuals who are not feeling well, individuals who are drunk, individuals who are physically and mentally sensitive, and individuals who get motion sickness easily are not allowed to use 4DX.
If you feel sick during the screening, please let the theatre staff know.

● Hold valuables and fragile items firmly in your hands, or use a dedicated locker installed off the screen area. Confirm the precautions described on the locker before using the locker.
We shall not be liable and make no warranty for any loss or damage of your belongings.

● Be careful when you eat or drink because seats will move violently in various directions during the screening. We do not take any responsibility or liability for stained clothes due to spilled food or drink, for burns caused by hot drinks, and for any trouble between customers caused under such circumstances.
Food and drink from other stores are prohibited. Please use the theatre concession stand.

● For children's safety, the use of a child seat or watching a movie with your child sitting on your lap is strictly prohibited.

● For your safety, do not stand on your seat or leave the seat during the screening.

● Water may splash on your face, clothes, or food and drink during the screening.
You can control the effect of splashing water ON or OFF by using the switch located on your armrest (right hand side).